Trade Stand/Space Guidelines

Guidelines to help you with your trade application

The occupation of space for the purpose of a trade space exhibit is governed by the Bathurst AH&PA Rules & Regulations and the accepted Trade Space Agreement. Please make sure you have read and are familiar with them.

Bookings are not confirmed until all required information has been received and all fees are received.


  1. GO to Apply For Trade Stand (
  2. COMPLETE each stage ensuring that fields marked with an asterisk (*) are filled and make a booking/submit the application.
  3. YOU will receive an email confirming receipt of your application.
  4. WE will review the application and if necessary we will contact you and adjust your application. We may ask you for further information. When we have all the information required and have allocated your location/stand number/s we will accept your application.
  5. YOU will receive another email notifying you of the acceptance of your application with a link to follow and instruction to complete the booking and submit payment. 
  6. YOU can choose to pay through our secure STRIPE payment system or other options offered.
  7. WE finalise booking upon notification/receipt of payment.