ROYAL BATHURST SHOW - 2nd - 4th May 2025

Young Judges have a criteria to meet for their given section. For more of information about criteria, please refer back to the ASA website where you can find information about these criteria’s that are met in the Agricultural shows around Australia.


Young judges is a great opportunity for students and young groups to showcase their ability to analyse the textures, weight, breed of the animal and furthermore advance their education and learning within this competition.


Young judges are to judge in a professional matter, not allowing biased behavior or who you know bases get in the way of how one will judge.

Please acknowledge that there will be no downgrading, belittling etc. Before or after competing, this behavior will not be tolerated. With any situation that occurs on these terms will be further escalated.

Young judging is a chance to encourage the further education to motivate young people to pursue a career in the Agricultural industry. Training young people to find a passion for judging and encouraging them to later continue with it.


You are required to be at your area, 30 minutes prior to judging so you can be accounted for.