The AirTime FMX Freestyle Motocross Team are back again

 Mon, 11th Apr, 2022

Performing their amazing antics Friday, Saturday & Sunday on the Main Arena.

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The Airtime FMX Team has been a part of the Reliance Bank Royal Bathurst Show for a while. They're like family. Family you want to hang out with that is.

Born from the highly successful ShowTime FMX Team, they are committed to delivering captivating and jaw dropping live Freestyle Motocross entertainment and they're great at it - and just a bit crazy.

The Team is made up of some of the Most experienced Show FMX riders in the world, with the very essence of the team centred around professionalism and family-friendly entertainment.

Boasting a roster of riders with over 45+ years of combined experience, Airtime FMX redefines main arena and Freestyle Motocross entertainment.

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