The Crackup Sisters are coming to the Reliance Credit Union Royal Bathurst Show for the first time in 2015.

Get Excited Cause they sure are! Beloved Country Legend S.T Ruth and her little sister’s Rowdy and Twiggs are moving their entirely, half renovated Crackup Sister Shack onto the Royal Bathurst show grounds for some good ole comedy, whip crackinʼ aerial antics and acrobatic feats !!

The sisters are chomping at the bit to dazzle audiences with their cracking talents, performing various double handed whip-cracking, bullock whip cracking AND they’ll be cracking a 30 Foot whip ! They’ll also be offering free whip cracking lessons at their homestead - for those who’ve never cracked a whip right through to people wanting to learn some fancy cracks. At the Shack all day will be Uncle Steve and Cousin Daniel (6 times Australian Whip Cracking Champion!!!). They’ll be plaiting whips and showing you how to crack them. So come on over and have look at the craft of Australian Whip Plaiting! In the evenings you can catch the Sisters in the Main Arena performing on their Miniature Motorbike ʻRogerʼ !

A bit about the sisters : The Crackup Sisters have performed their very unique, Australian bush humour across the country from Freemantle Street Festival in WA, Opened the Tamworth Country Music Festival, Winton Outback Festival, Man from Snowy River festival at Cooryong, Toowoomba, Perth, Darwin and Brisbane Royal Shows. As the world's first female comedy rodeo clowns they’ve rolled in the dust of the Mareeba Rodeo, been centre stage at the Mt Isa Rodeo, Reno Rodeo in USA and featured at The Calgary Stampede in Canada!!! They’ve hosted the John Williamson Great Australian Muster, Man from Snowy River Arena Spectacular at Beef Week and The Queensland Premier’s Christmas Parties. Playing up like a second-hand lawn movers, they've captivated audiences at the Birdsville Races (QLD), Deni Ute Muster (VIC), Ballina Country Music Festival (NSW), Boy Up Brook Country Music festival (WA), Fred Brophy Boxing Tent (in Whoop Whoop) and they’ve been a hit at an 80th birthday party for the fella who published the Macquarie Dictionary.... just to name a few !!!!

So book your whole 3 days at the Reliance Credit Union Royal Bathurst Show – cause you won’t want to miss a thing! 3 x 30 minute comedy shows each day at the Shack! Remember 3 minutes of laughter is equivalent to 10 minutes of jogging so get chaʼ laugh on with the Crackup Sisters. Not only will you enjoy good ol' belly laughing, you'll be spunkier when you leave!!



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