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The Royal Bathurst Show Art section aims to seek and recognise excellence in painting, drawing, mixed media and sculpture. Commencing in 2019 at the instigation of the Executive Secretary, Brett Kenworthy and Chief Pavilion Steward, Kerri Small, we determined that our overarching focus should be to encourage agricultural art and in light of our historical link to Australia's celebrated artist Brett Whiteley, to develop young painters.

The Royal Bathurst Show Agricultural Art Prize was introduced in 2019 with a $250 cash prize and ribbon to recognise the best agricultural subject painting judged from all entered art exhibits. This is a natural choice for our association as we had a long connection with Reg Campbell, renowned Australian portrait painter and self-taught artist who painted a number of large artworks for our association, especially for our 100th Show in 1968. The Prize is sponsored by the Kenworthy family in 2019.

The Royal Bathurst Show Young Painters Award was re-introduced in 2019 with a $100 cash prize and ribbon to acknowledge the best painting by a person under 18 years judged from all entered art exhibits. In 1956 celebrated Australian artist Brett Whiteley won this prize. Reputedly his first every prize; it seems to have acted as a catalyst to galvanising his career choice and a life long love for our region. By reintroducing, we hope, it will not only encourage more young painters to a career in visual arts but also to become interested in our region.

These awards not only recognise excellence in painting but also focus on our objectives to promote agriculture and develop youth.


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