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Unfortunately we have had to put our Ticket prices up for the first time in many years! We have kept it to the bare minimum, but the best news is that we are repeating our great offer to SAVE 20%  OFF the Entry Prices if you PRE-PURCHASE your tickets.


This means a Family of 4 can save $9.50 off the best days entertainment at the best show in the west! We are still one of the best priced fun filled events around. Pre-Purchase Discount Tickets are available through the Show Office from Monday 4/3/2013 until Thursday 28/3/2013.


We are also offering the opportunity to our increasing number of keen patrons who want to see the Show over 2 or more days the chance to buy an ALL SHOW ticket that enables them to come and go over the 3 days of the Show and provides another chance to save. Basically your paying for 2 days entry and you get ALL 3 days!! Combine this with the PRE-PURCHASE opportunity and you will SAVE some real $$.


On behalf of the Showmens Guild we are able to offer sheets of 30 x $1 Sideshow Coupons to you for $25. That is a saving of 17% off the face value and they are redeemable at the Show in Sideshow Alley on RIDES, GAMES, NOVELTIES or FOOD & DRINK  in specified Showmens Guild Canteens. They are available from the Show Office from Monday 4/3/2013 until Wednesday 10/4/2013

We are working hard to give you a bigger Show and to keep prices down!

AdultsConcession**Children***Family Group of 4****Family Group of 5****
SINGLE DAY (At the Gate)$22.00$16.50$11.00$44.00$55.00
ALL SHOW (At the Gate)$44.00$33.00$22.00$88.00$110.00
SINGLE DAY (Pre-Purchase)*$17.50$13.50$8.00$35.50$44.00
ALL SHOW (Pre-Purchase)*$35.00$27.00$16.00$71.00$88.00
* PRE-PURCHASE Tickets are available from Monday 4/3/2013 until Thursday 28/3/2013 inclusive from the Show Office, Bathurst Showground, Kendall Ave Bathurst 2795 or via email at or by telephone on 02 6331 3175.
** CONCESSION Rates apply to Pensioners, Students and Concession Card Holders. Carers providing approptriate evidence such as a Companion Card and accompanying a Concession holder will be admitted free of charge upon request.
*** CHILDREN- 6 to 16 years inclusive (Children under 6 will be admitted free of charge)
**** FAMILY Group tickets include a maximum of 2 Adults.

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